Friday, May 1, 2009

Pig Flu Friday

Rightwingistan wants to warn you that Pig Flu is terrorism.

If Neil Diamond is the Jewish Elvis, who the hell are these morons?

There's a mountain bike race on Sunday. Proceeds go to the Southwest chapter of the MMBA.

There's a kick ass road/dirt road race this weekend. Cone-Azalia is something of a right of passage in these parts. We used to call it "Michigan's Paris-Roubaix." But we can't anymore cause Michigan now actually has a Barry-Roubaix! If you can tolerate a horrible soundtrack and shakey camera work, here's a video preview of the Cone-Azalia course:

Last week the New York Times published a fluffy travel article about the North Country Trail, which called it a "foot path" and never once mentioned the fact that Congress designated it a multiuse trail or that the Trail Nazis in Lowell are trying to kick the rest of us off public lands we've been using for decades.

Speaking of Trail Nazis, the right wing nut job Federal Wildlife Officer over at the River Rant still hasn't turned the comments function of his blog back on. More than two years after taking his ball home so nobody can play, it still seems pointless to have a blog that nobody can comment on. Fear is the mind killer, dude. Be VERY afraid!

Not all cities can hug themselves as hard and tight as the homogeneous liberal bastian of Portland, Oregon. They got the cool real bad. Like Voodoo Donuts. And some kind of communist European train that goes down some road downtown. 7,000 bikes a day cross a bridge in that town and every one of those riders wears a helment! If safety is your idea of cool, move your unemployed lazy ass out there NOW!

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