Monday, May 4, 2009

Dog Bone F-g Michigan

Poor kid. Probably thought he was some kind of local hero with a public access show in the Detroit suburbs and a chance to interview Black Flag. OOPS! Gotta give the kid some credit, though. Back in the day I'd have shit my pants if Henry Rollins got up in my face like that.

Monday morning and another weekend bites the dust in "dog bone fucking Michigan."

Bob Ashby, a Right Wing Jerk in Holland, thinks Barack Hussein Obama is going to destroy humanity and everyone will have to have an abortion. He's been ranting about Liberals for forever. But he's probably just still pissed that Ottawa county allows beer sales on Sunday. Check out the buckets of crazy in the replies to his column. Send him an email if you want:

There's an election in Grand Rapids on May 5. Lots of local stuff going on. Since only the Geezers vote in these local elections, will grandma and grandpa support the schools? There's a Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT) on the ballot. Seems like a good idea, since Grand Rapids destroyed it's streetcar system 60 years ago there hasn't been much of a public transit system. Of course, like all things in the 616 area code, the Reich Wing is shitting bricks and wants you to be very afraid.

The results are in from "The Fort." I had an acceptable day at the races, back down with the rabble in the age groups. Had a nice lead going and my 1x9 gave up on me. I have all the accoutrements on board my rig to keep the chain in line, but the damn chain has a mind of it's own. Took me a lap to get back the lead. I once watched Chris Etough win 24 Hours Nationals on a 1x9. Maybe I need a pit crew to keep that chain on. Oh wait...I AM THE PIT CREW.

Once again Christian Tanguy threw down some serious hurt on all the rest of them "elite" guys. The dude is fast. Scary fast. Nice to see old man Meyers was not far behind. Gotta respect the old man who can throw down on the trail and still put down some good quality beer afterwards. Did you know that the old man Meyers got fancy new glasses?

Ain't if funny how that Bells MTB Team color matches the Smurfs?

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  1. Wow; a lot to comment on here.
    First off, Henry Rollins is a riot. Love the guy (did you ever see his interview show?). I would never ask him if he sold out unless I fully expected to be pummelled by him afterwards!
    You have to love living on the West Coast of Republic-land. There will come a time when even people living here see the racism and hatred as embarrassing and neanderthal-like. Hopefully, sooner than later.
    Public transportation; what is that? :^) The suburbs live in fear of PT because it will bring undesirables out to their neighborhoods! And it uses their tax dollars. Which they want spent on prisons and bombs.
    Congrats again on your win!