Monday, May 11, 2009


Ain't nothin' like mud. Wallow in it. Roll in it. Rub your bum in it. Some mud is better than others, though. Some mud is good for makin' bricks. Some mud is good for mud pies. Some mud is good for racin' trucks.

DS&G Blog Roll.......... has an insane amount of videos and coverage of Dirt, Sweat & Gears 2009. You want photos? They got photos! You want videos of helpless people in the woods freaking out about killer mud. They got that too.

Danielle Musto was humbled by Tennesse's rich native soil. has a write-up of the race.

Dicky is scarred for life!

Some moron in Oregon has nothing better to do.

Harlan Price is a fucking rock star!

Jeremiah Bishop bummed a Kenda Karma off me Friday night and used that freakin' tire to win a bike race! (but he may not have updated his blog yet, so check back later)

Eddie O finally made it out of the woods.

Namrita has lots of muddy pictures, and one of me.

Got more updates on the race? Post em in the comments or send me a link.

In the mean time, WTF is up with Tom Boonen? Reminds me of Jan Ulrich's prophetic words:

"I can appreciate now what I didn't see before, that I'm not going to be young forever, that If I am going to win the Tour, then it would have to be within the next three years," he muses. "But I never wanted to win as many Tours as possible, full stop. It's more a question of getting to the top of the world hierachy in the sport, exploiting my talent 100 per cent."

Maybe all these guys never listened to Nancy Reagan. Just say no to drugs you dopes!

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