Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hell Is A 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race

I have just returned from what I can only call the most horrible trail conditions I have ever seen at a 12 or 24 Hour race.
But don't take my word for it. Listen to the guy who won...

The Little Lady showed off the trail conditions up close and personal.

Dirt, Sweat & Gears has gained a reputation over it's few short years of existence. It's a well run event. Great atmosphere. Big cash prize purses. it draws a stacked field of pro endurance racers from all over the United States. The trail is on private land in Fayetteville, Tennessee that includes pastures and a clay covered wooded and rocky ridge. Funny thing about clay. If you pour water over it for hours and hours and days and days you get an insane sticky slop. "Peanut butter" is what I often hear mountain bikers call it.

I got news for you. That crap wasn't JIF!! And the only way to protect yourself against it was to stay in the pit area and wear protection!

Since we just arrived home I've got a lot of gear to stow before I get to bed. I'll Post some updates, links and photos tomorrow.

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